Biomedical Sciences

Hugo Snippert Laureate 2023

Hugo Snippert uses microscopy and molecular genetics to understand how it is that there is a huge diversity of tumour cells and what the consequences of this are. This knowledge helps towards the tailoring of individual cancer therapies.

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Jingyuan Fu Laureate 2023

Combining insights from genetics, microbiology and bioinformatics, Jingyuan Fu investigates the gut microbiome in relation to disease and health. She particularly focuses on complex diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular disease.

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Tazuko van Berkel Laureate 2023

Tazuko van Berkel researches self-image, humanity, and worldview in classical Greek society. She is currently focusing on economic thinking in ancient Greece.

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Merel Keijzer Laureate 2023

Merel Keijzer investigates how learning a new language contributes to healthy ageing.

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Natural Sciences

Anja Spang Laureate 2023

Anja Spang’s field of research is the special role that various micro-organisms such as archaea have played in major evolutionary changes, including the origin of eukaryotes to which humans also belong.

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Stan Brouns Laureate 2023

Stan Brouns is engaged in fundamental research into the battle between microbes and viruses. In particular, he studies the functioning of bacterial defence systems at the molecular and cellular level.

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Social Sciences

Daniël Lakens Laureate 2023

Daniël Lakens studies how scientists conduct research, with the aim of increasing the reliability and efficiency of social science research.

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Tatiana Filatova Laureate 2023

Tatiana Filatova carries out research into the complex dynamics of socio-economic systems and climate change, seeking, among other things, to predict societies' responses to different climate scenarios.

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