May 29, 2016

​The Ghost of Delft

Albert Einstein argued that particles which are kilometers apart cannot be interrelated. But he turned out to be wrong. A Delft team of physicists conducted an experiment to be the first to prove this to the world. This scientific breakthrough did not go unnoticed in the press. De Volkskrant even made ​​a digital comic to clarify this incredibly complicated concept. See the stunning media production here.

​The Ghost of Delft

Ronald Hanson

Laureate 2015

In the legendary science fiction film Star Trek Captain Kirk is teleported home from far away in the universe by his chief engineer “Scotty”. Physicists, including Ronald Hanson, have been trying to do something vaguely similar. “Quantum teleportation,” is an experiment by which information is transferred without the use of sound, light or any other form of energy.

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