May 30, 2016

EMBO Gold Medal for Brummelkamp

In 2013 Thijn Brummelkamp was awarded the EMBO Gold Medal. EMBO is an organisation of more than 1,700 researchers which promotes excellence in Life Sciences. The Gold Medal is awarded annually to European scientists under the age of forty who have made ​​an outstanding contribution to the development of molecular biology. Thijn Brummelkamp received the EMBO Gold Medal in recognition of his pioneering work in identifying genes which influence human diseases. You can read here about what lead EMBO to award Thijn Brummelkamp a Gold Medal.

EMBO Gold Medal for Brummelkamp

Thijn Brummelkamp

Laureate 2015

Thijn Brummelkamp is an energetic, critical and entrepreneurial scientist researching the function of each of the approximately 25,000 genes in the human body. He began by developing a way to turn off each of these genes one by one. Then he invented an even smarter method to do the same with a number of genes at the same time.

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