May 29, 2016

Klaver sounding the alarm

In Studio Erasmus, the monthly talk show at the Erasmus University, Caroline Klaver is sounding the alarm about the global increase in myopia. While we are living longer and getting healthier, our eyes are degenerating. If we do not intervene tomorrow’s youth will have worsening eyes.

Click here for the recording of the talk show on Youtube in which Caroline Klaver addresses this topic.

Klaver sounding the alarm

Caroline Klaver

Laureate 2015

Eye-diseases are rapidly becoming more significant: there are already more than 300,000 blind and visually impaired people in the Netherlands. Due to the aging population this number will increase explosively in the coming years. Caroline Klaver is a scientific researcher and ophthalmologist, and a driving force behind research into the root causes of some of the most common eye problems.

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