May 28, 2016

​Klaver receives Vici 2014

Caroline Klaver investigates how genes and the environment together lead to myopia and how to avoid this. This is an urgent issue, because nearsightedness with high-strength spectacles is becoming more and more frequent and can lead to blindness. Klaver was awarded the prestigious NWO Vici-grant for her research “Towards solving MYOPia: from genes to PATHways using an integrated approach. MYOP-PATH”, the award consists of a sum of one and a half million euros.

Vici is part of the innovation programme from NWO and consists of Veni, Vidi and Vici. Scientists at different stages of their careers are enabled to carry out groundbreaking research. The Veni is intended for recently graduated researchers, Vidi, for researchers who have carried out several years of research after receiving their PhDs and the Vici grants are awarded to senior researchers who have demonstrated the ability to develop their own line of research. More information can be found here together with a detailed description of the research plan of Caroline Klaver.

​Klaver receives Vici 2014

Caroline Klaver

Laureate 2015

Eye-diseases are rapidly becoming more significant: there are already more than 300,000 blind and visually impaired people in the Netherlands. Due to the aging population this number will increase explosively in the coming years. Caroline Klaver is a scientific researcher and ophthalmologist, and a driving force behind research into the root causes of some of the most common eye problems.

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