June 14, 2018

NOS Journaal on breakthrough Ronald Hanson

National television announces on 13 June 2018 the QuTech breakthrough on quantuminternet. Researchers at QuTech in Delft have succeeded in generating quantum entanglement between two chips faster than the entanglement is lost. The scientists, led by Prof. Ronald Hanson publish their result on 14 June in Nature.

NOS Journaal on breakthrough Ronald Hanson

Ronald Hanson

Laureate 2015

In the legendary science fiction film Star Trek Captain Kirk is teleported home from far away in the universe by his chief engineer “Scotty”. Physicists, including Ronald Hanson, have been trying to do something vaguely similar. “Quantum teleportation,” is an experiment by which information is transferred without the use of sound, light or any other form of energy.

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