About the Ammodo Science award

Ammodo and the KNAW attach great importance to unfettered fundamental scientific research. To give extra stimulus to this type of research at the present time, Ammodo first sought contact with the KNAW in 2014 and the two decided to join forces.

Since 2015 every other year eight laureates have received a cash prize of 300,000 euros each. They can spend this amount at their discretion on a fundamental scientific research project.



Ammodo is an institute for the arts and sciences. Together with outstanding scientists, artists, and their affiliated institutions Ammodo initiates groundbreaking projects in the fields of science and art. By providing financial support and close cooperation to develop an appropriate format for each project, every opportunity is provided for fundamental original research. Ammodo is renewing the foundations of our society.

For more information see ammodo.org



The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is the forum, the voice and the conscience of Dutch science. It derives its authority from the quality of its selected members. From a wholly independent position it monitors the quality and interests of science and advises the government. It is responsible for fifteen institutes whose research and collections are at the forefront of Dutch science and which enjoy international renown.

For more information see knaw.nl